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Archive for October 6th, 2021

Why do I need a freight forwarder?

A Freight Forwarder is like a travel agent for your shipments. They work closely with you, your suppliers, and transportation providers to move your imported and exported goods around the world.  There are many steps involved when shipping cargos overseas. You would want somebody who have experience dealing with the carriers / airlines, customs, terminal […]

Are you licensed?

Yes. We are FMC-regulated NVOCC and CBSA-regulated ocean and air freight forwarder. Everything that we do must comply to the regulations set out by these bodies, if the goods are coming into and out of the USA or Canada. Failure to do so will result in our business licenses revoked, along with a hefty fine!

Where can I find the price structure of your services?

Please reach out to us, and one of our sales representative will be in touch with you for the most up-to-date rates for any of the logistics inquiry you have. We don’t have our pricing structured posted publicly, to protect other businesses in the market, and also to cut cost (this will also benefit you, […]

How long would it take for a shipment to arrive via Ocean?

It depends on where you’re shipping to cargo to. If to the USA, somewhere between 25 and 45 days can be expected. There are many factors that also affect this duration, such as destination location (eg. East Coast vs West Coast, inland ports versus base ports), whether there is any congestion, delays, catastrophes, etc.), whether […]

What should I choose between Air Freight vs Ocean Freight for my cargo?

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Air Freight is fast, has better temperature control, and provides a quicker turnaround for your business. However, it can be costly, and not everything can be shipped via air (eg. Battery). Ocean Freight on the other hand takes more time to reach the destination, and the process is […]